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domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017

Latin American immigrants are unique in the history of US immigration

Latin American immigrants are unique in the history of US immigration
- The panel, moderated by the Point's managing editor, Rachel Wiseman, focused exclusively on immigration from Latin American countries. I attended the event, and at the time, that focus bothered me a little. (I said so during the Q&A.) To me, the issues raised by Latino immigration and Muslim immigration have become inseparable—fears of Mexicans sneaking into the country to take our jobs and fears of Arabs sneaking into our country to blow up our buildings having been adroitly mushed together to create a miasma of xenophobia that defeats clear thought on either front.

Nevertheless, the Latino focus gave the evening its highlight. A young man stepped to the mike and introduced himself as a 27-year-old millennial, a member of a generation that has "at their fingertips, the greatest wealth of information available possible," as he put it. And not simply information about our history, but a vast array of "views and perspectives" on it.