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domingo, 4 de junio de 2017

El Paso Pride Parade fighting against LGBT depression and suicides

El Paso Pride Parade fighting against LGBT depression and suicides
- Hundreds of El Pasoans turned out to the Sun City Pride Parade Saturday, marking the end of Pride Week in the borderland. The parade started at Houston Park before heading to downtown El Paso, circling several streets and ending at Pride Square, It was about more than having fun on the streets.
Parade organizers, marchers, and those watching from the sidewalks all talking about the importance of showing a united community, calling out to those who may be depressed of facing a tough life they are not alone. “There’s a lot...there’s a lot of suicides lately, there’s a lot hurt and having that support from everybody else outside the LGBT community is important, because you feel the love, you feel that you're important, and you feel that you’re a part of this community that El Paso supports,” said Fernie Morales, one of the parade organizers.