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lunes, 26 de junio de 2017

The Populism Project: new poll suggests "northern populism" brewing in Canada

The Populism Project: new poll suggests "northern populism" brewing in Canada
- A majority of Canadians believe the factors driving recent political upheaval in other Western countries are on the rise here too, a new poll suggests.
But The Canadian Press/EKOS Politics survey indicates those who support challenges to the status quo here are somewhat different than those behind it elsewhere, suggesting a version of "northern populism" could be brewing in Canada.
"Most of the 'elites' will tell you it's not really happening here, we're pretty immune to this sort of thing," said Frank Graves, president of EKOS.
"But when we ask Canadians, there's room, and perhaps fuel, for populism in other parts of society."
Populism is the term most-often used to describe the political movement that led to outsider Donald Trump's ascendance all the way to the U.S. presidency, and Britain's shocking referendum in support of exiting the European Union.